Welcome to Mauriconsult, your one-stop agency in the Republic of Mauritius for all your business needs, for the prompt conception, implementation, realisation and operation of your project.

Relax, leave all your worries to us, and let us think and act for you. We save you time, money and energy by undertaking all your paperwork, dealing with all administrative hassles and ensuring that you obtain all your necessary permits, licences and clearances within reasonable time, in full conformity with established official guidelines, rules and regulations.

Mauriconsult will guide you all along your journey through the bureaucratic maze in the world of entrepreneurship, investment, permit applications, compliance, etc and provide necessary business knowledge to ensure your success and peace of mind.

“We have a different approach to consultancy. In addition to our experience and expertise, what makes us stand out is our total commitment to our clients.”

Why Choose Us?

Because we not only have the necessary process knowledge and technical expertise but also the relevant business know-how to assist you in many ways in relation to doing business in Mauritius, assisting in your applications for obtaining all your necessary permits and licences. In short, we provide a real one stop shop service. Leave all your worries to us, sit back and relax, while we think and act for you.

Mauriconsult has three core values being Professional, Friendly and Proactive. Everything we do encompasses our values, ensuring we are proactively reasonable and therefore accountable in our actions.