The manufacturing sector offers various opportunities for businessmen. Mauritius has preferential trade access to selected countries and markets by virtue of its membership of trade blocs such as COMESA, SADC, AGOA, IOC, etc. Entrepreneurs in the manufacturing sector also benefit from numerous fiscal incentives.  While the uniform corporate tax is 15%, there is also income tax exemption in some cases, while in others, such as export activities, a tax rate of 3% is applicable.


The agricultural sector of Mauritius is gradually embarking on the path of innovation, which means exciting opportunities exist for the adventurous investor.  Agro-processing activities, biotechnology, bio-farming, dairy production, hydroponics, etc are possible areas of interest for investors.


Mauritius is home to various multinationals engaged in the Information Technology/Business Process Outsourcing sector. There remain large untapped opportunities for new entrants. The country has an excellent telecommunications infrastructure conducive for investment in this sector.


Mauritius has now joined the international trend of adopting renewable energy sources. Business opportunities exist in solar farms, wind farms, and other renewable energy ventures.

Financial Services

Mauritius promotes itself as a major international financial centre of substance. The country has a well developed banking sector, with major international names present. The insurance sector is also highly sophisticated.  The Mauritius Stock Exchange is operational since 1989. Mauritius also positions itself as a springboard for investment into Africa.

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most booming sectors of Mauritius. Because of the island’s small size, property always appreciate in value. There is high demand from foreign nationals to acquire luxury villas or apartments in Mauritius. Hotel development is also on the rise.  The real estate sector also unfolds opportunities for the development of mixed use commercial centres, business parks, industrial zones, etc.

Ocean Economy

Ocean Economy is the next big thing in Mauritius as the country endeavours to tap into the potential of its territorial waters the extent of which are equivalent to more than 1,000 times its land mass. Apart from traditional fishing and fish processing activities, the ‘Ocean Economy’ encourages the development of aquaculture, Seabed exploration for hydrocarbons and minerals and general marine activities. The Port Louis harbour is being further modernized to cater for enhanced marine and shipping activities. 

Media and the Arts

Technological evolution means the emergence of a vibrant media and arts sector. Investors are offered the opportunity to be creative and bring new projects in this sector.


Mauritius is fast developing its education sector, attracting major international institutions to set up here. Opportunities exist at primary, secondary and tertiary level and the country intends to become a knowledge hub in this part of the world, attracting regional students, particularly from Africa and the Indian Ocean islands.  Investors may set up schools, centres of learning, training institutions in specific courses, etc.


The healthcare sector has known tremendous progress during the past decade and is set to grow further. There are opportunities for the setting up of: Multispecialty and super-specialty centres, Specialised diabetes research and treatment centres, Specialised centres for elderly care & rehabilitative medicine, Specialised centres for novel treatments stem-cell therapies, Plastic reconstructive surgery clinics, Clinics for dental surgery and dento-facial orthopaedics, Convalescence and pain clinics providing specialised care to patients suffering from acute and chronic conditions and Wellness centres and health resorts. The country intends to rely on medical tourism to allow these activities to flourish.


Tourism is one of the rare sectors in Mauritius that have known no crisis. About 1.3 million tourists visit the country annually and the authorities anticipate further growth, given more and more prominent marketing campaign and the increasing number of airlines serving the island. Tourism related activities present opportunities for investment (hotels, restaurants, shops, leisure activities, wellness centres, transport, catering, etc).


Mauritius is a developing economy and there are opportunities in many other sectors. The service sector is growing and new activities can be easily identified